Saturday, April 12, 2008

Mindless ramble.

So to be perfectly honest I dont know what to blog about today, I just felt the need to type my little fingers away. Hmm...well I went to my little brother's soccer game today, which was surprisingly enjoyable. Always lovely to shout every childhood nickname you can remember and a few more you might happen to come up with on a spur of the moment sort of inspiration. They either tied or won, I can't remember which one happened because I was enjoying watching this big black lady run up and down the sidelines yelling at the soccer ball/team, I'm not sure which. Either way, the day was nice.

Tomorrow Wesley joins me in Savannah, which is exciting =] I always love it when he comes up there for some reason. It's like clash of titans. Savannah meets Daytona. Wrrrarrrr.

Also, latest obession: Scrubs.
No, its nothing new, but its an amazing show nonetheless. It has me wanting to call Berri my brown bear, lolz. OUT OF LOVE!!

Also, check out my creepy cover i'm turning in for my editorial class on our Global Warming project:

Its still got a lot of editing I need to do to fix it up but that's the stage it's at so far. Its funny because on my computer it'll be all smooth and nice, and then I print it and i'm all, " Holy Crapola Batman." But I guess that's what it takes to get it right. A lot of time, a lot of ink, and a lot of money spent at Kinkos. That's right ladies and gentlemen, the fine fellows at Daytona Beach's local FedEx Kinkos know me well. One of the guys there, Carlos, was saying how that would be an awesome wedding invite xD " Come to my wedding!" *DEVIL GUY!!!* Yeah. I think I like this Carlos. *rubs chin*

Thursday was a big day...I dont want to talk about it too much because i'm so afraid of jinxing myself, plus there is something that is a little bit more important that I want to bring everybodys attention to for a moment please...

My Great Grandma is in the hospital again after suffering her second stroke in under a month. She's not doing so hot so please, pray to whoever you pray to, and keep her in your thoughts.


Friday, April 11, 2008


Hey hey~ I think I'm gonna wait 'til monday to make another post. I gots some stuff to work out >.>;;;;;;; I'd tell you what it was but then it wouldn't be a


(They took down the original or something? So I fixed it)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A wewyeweyewey~ challenge!

New game comin' out in a couple weeks: The World Ends with You, or wewy for short. It's super megas awesome~ Like, like, you control TWO characters in your battleage. One for each screen! It looks crazy... CRAZY AWESOME :O If you haven't noticed I'm excited :F Also, you gots all these outfits and stuff... and use pins to fight people! It's Kingdom Hearts-y (duh, Square) but also something about it kinda reminded me of Jet Grind Radio... I just get that feeling! And I love it...

The only teensy tiny thing that's kinda weirding me out is... It's just you can buy gold chains with various diamond-encrusted word attachments at stores. >.>; And it says bling every time you pick up the items in battle... Of course, I can just not buy the gold chains and I doubt I'll pay much attention to battle-words... but I'm just saaaayiiiiing~

Anywheys~ They've also got a contest thingie up on Deviantart 'til the release date.
This is the intro site. It's got environmental concept art to get you started :O And here is where you get all the lovely rules. And, finally, here is where you can lookit the submissions they've already got. Phew! I'm tired now :F
(<3 DS fanboy)

The cupcake story~

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My word!

I've got a few pieces of homework to be finishing up tonight :F so I'll save the super important stuff for later. Look forward to it! :P

For now, I shall dwell 'pon the subject of pipes. Not sewage, silly billy, smokes! Pipes are good for when you want to look smart. Or old. Or both! They're handy for pondering over things, especially when you don't have an awesome beard to stroke. You can just puff away with a stern look on your face as you work things out! Now, I've got a touch of asthma >.>; and I don't particularly want the mouth cancer so I can't smoke the real deal... Instead~ bubble pipes! Those were fun! ... 'Til you inhaled by accident and coughed soap for the next few days... 
Maybe that's why I don't see them around anymore...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lets Groove Tonight~

Who likes retro?
I know I do ~.^

I had to recently buy myself a dress for an interview because I have no nice clothes here at the Tree House, and I bought myself a retro inspired dress similiar to the one up above. Only it has a pink slash to wrap around my waist. Its super cute and I will take pictures~
But while we're looking at retro, take a look at these pictures below. They were found at this wonderful site right here:

Here are some more designs/dresses found via internet that are all super cute:

Uh..someone buy me these last two, please? *__* Would love so much foreeevvvers.

Some retro furniture...

Beautiful Rolling Star

So! About that 360 my friend has... Besides giving me my Viva Pinata fix, he also just bought Beautiful Katamari. Omigod... I 'bout spazzed out in the store lol It's so different o.o; but I love it!

It's a lot harder than I remember >.> And wtf happened to the King of All Cosmos? All of a sudden he's wearing this extry flamboyant outfit. The first one kinda was... but... it was more like he was so manly and amazing he didn't care. Like David Bowie. Now it's just... eh. And he's so much meaner, too! I think it's 'cos of the outfit. He's unhappy so he's taking it out on the Prince & Co.
Also I remember hearing the creator didn't work on this one. Of course it's still fun but it doesn't have the endearing awkward english quite right. Thouuuuugh on Brawl Dojo, a lot of his descriptions made me think of original Katamari. Like all of them. It made me feel happy inside~ I never did play We <3 though D:

By the way, for robo-suplex's header I dressed myself up as Marcy, the first cousin you find. She just looked colorfully fun :)
*gamespot for images~ (and apparently gaygamer... o.O)*

Monday, April 7, 2008

And in this corner!

Oh! I just found this website through Stumble... which I'm totally addicted to now >.>;;;; *scratches neck slightly*

The Box Doodle Project

I always love it when people make stuff out of random stuff you wouldn't really think to make stuff out of *^^*

Anywheys, the part I'm all *glee* about is the doodle box online thingie. 'Cos my heavens, where will I ever get the energy to find a box and markers? *fans self* Nowhere, that's where.

So I~ made~:
A luchadore! With a manly hairy chest. He has TWO championship belts because he had to earn one for each set of arms. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair u.u;

It was kinda tough to get the hang of... 'specially cos you can't erase but also the "pens" have a low opacity so it layers the colors, like real markers. But once you embrace this, it's fun.

You should doodle too!

A little picture math for you swell fellows

What happens when you mix super talented and gifted actor Johnny Depp with amazing musician Ville Valo from the freaking awesome band HIM? Lets see.



HOLY CRAP YOU GET JACK WHITE FROM THE WHITE STRIPES!!! lolz. Sorry, I just saw his mug shot and thought he looked a lot like Ville Valo, then saw that picture and was done.

Tis I!

So I wanted to share this with everyone: It is time...for a hair cut...I have two choices that I'm going to be deciding on, so tell me which one it is you think:


The second one is the one i'm leaning towards, but I want some input from everyone else!

I also wanted to share my little project idea with everybody and get some input and some suggestions from everyone on that.

So lately a lot of coverage has been on global warming and recycling and how we're all destroying the earth in quite a fassssttt manner. Did you know that within the last thirty years we've already used a third of our resources? I mean, holy crap! Within sixty years we're done. DONE guys, done. Once it's all used up, what are we going to do? I don't know about everyone else but I do plan on having children and I would like for them to have a life without impending doom hanging over their heads thanks to us. So this is what I really want to do...

I'm thinking about perhaps setting up a stand and posting flyers around the town the week or so before advertising it saying that for every three plastic bottles or newspapers you bring me to be recycled, you get a free cupcake!

Whatcha think? I am really excited about this idea and really want it to work out, but I also want everyones suggestions and comments on it! I have to figure out a way to keep the cupcakes from melting in the southern heat so that's a thing to consider but I'm not sure how yet...

But I thought it would be super cool to have a stand and give out information and local places to recycle, other things they can do to help out with the environment, etc.

Everybody likes cupcakes so I figured it'd be a good inspiration to get some people out there and informed! I really want to make this dream a reality. It's just something that's really important and something that keeps being pushed aside because people don't really want to hear about it.
What do you think?
Picture located on Flick'r btw. =]


I've got a schedule now 'cos I don't think I'm doing stuff right >.> Time management is poopy but with this brand-spanky new schedule I can get work done and keep the sketching up and get sleep and eat muchly! Here it is~

(No, really, I've actually made one. :O Read on...)

Also, though I'm sure it didn't seem like it, I've been feeling pretty poopy meself the last couple of weeks. So! I decided I'd make this schedule to be sure I got nutrition and rest to reduce the poopy, but also, just now, I decided that whenever I'm feeling sad, I'll doodle a tiny happy doodle on the schedule. It goes on the wall right beside my bed so it's easy to do. See, when I draw people my face tends to involuntarily make the emotion they're supposed to be feeling.

... >.>; Don't suddenly start to study me while I'm drawing. I'll punch you. I mean it! *eyes Bunni*

Well, I figured if I draw happy things I'll feel happier. And tiny so I can fit a lot of them on there. I think by the end of the quarter it'll be crammed full since I'm sure I'll doodle even if I'm just bored. Or quite happy! But the plan is to make sure I doodle when I'm down :)

Here's my first couple doodles!

Let's hope for happier, more organized weeks ahead! :)

>.> If I can stick to it.